The knowledge of Ayurveda is eternal
and is revealed in each of the cycles of creation of the universe.
From time immemorial, Ayurvedic principles have never changed as they have arisen from universal laws of nature that are eternally true. 
"Obeisances unto the Supreme Bhagavan known as Sudarshana Vasudev Dhanvantari, the holder of the vessel full of nectar of immortality, who removes all fears, who removes all diseases, the well wisher of the three worlds, and sustainer of the three worlds, He is the form of Vishnu , by the name Dhanvantari empowered to heal the Jiva souls."

Ayurveda for Radiant Health
body, mind and spirit in maintaining  greater levels of health and awareness
traditional and enhanced  Ayurvedic body-care therapies,
mind-body tools for transformation, and lifestyle education
specialized Panchakarma programs and services to meet your individual needs.


Ayurveda's safe and effective system of detoxification and  rejuvenation

Our clients say... 
       "I never knew cleansing could be so  luxurious."        

 It's true - Panchakarma was once reserved for India's royal '1%' !  Today, everyone can benefit from this time-tested purification system that promotes health and longevity.

In our modern fast-paced world we all come into contact with various toxins.  Both eastern and  western medical experts  agree the best thing to do to mitigate their harmful effects is to detoxify the body. 

Panchakarma is your best  'insurance policy.'

                 Panchakarma is deep purification of the body. 
 It is a safe and elaborate system of cleansing and rejuvenation to restore and maintain health.   The success of all Ayurvedic treatment depends on the inner cleanliness of the body. 

 Ayurvedic sages tell us the body must be made 'ripe'  to safely release impurities - just as a fruit must be ripened to release its juice. "Ripening' happens utilizing pure organic warm oils for deep tandem massage followed by detoxifying herbal steam - oil massage dislodges toxins and heating the body expands the channels so toxins can flow back to the intestinal tract for elimination.

Panchakarma includes an extensive variety of therapies directed at every system and organ including the head and sinuses, eyes, ears, digestive system, brain and endocrine system, and skin.
Natural herbo-mineral substances are used to promote detoxification in the form of pastes, scrubs and poultices.  Localized medicated oil saturations are employed to nourish the tissues and alleviate pain.
   Pancha means five, karma refers to eliminative actions.  These gentle cleansing procedures remove the 'ama' (toxins) from the body. 

As the physical and subtle pathways  are purified, organ function improves allowing unimpeded circulation which delivers health-building nutrition and important micro-nutrients along with fresh Prana throughout the body.  Simultaneously, rejuvenation and revitalization occurs. This is a health upgrade that brings about increased immunity, enhanced digestion, improved sleep, mental and emotional stability and serenity. You are back in the flow of health.     

 Our clients recognize, even after one treatment, the deep wisdom and profound intelligence inherent in Panchakarma. 
" My first time I remember being nervous but very quickly realized I was in the hands of a consummate professional.  It was clear to me then and still is, that the Panchakarma treatments are profoundly relaxing, healing, health promoting, safe feeling and luxurious all at once."

Experience Panchakarma with
 Ayurveda for Radiant Health
and you will...
~ receive a deeply transformational healing experience to restore balance, 
   honoring your being beyond the physical body.
~ enjoy an intimate, quiet, safe environment with undivided attention,          
   having all the time necessary to move through your daily program -   
   we're not on the clock.
~ experience an enhanced program with a variety of specialized                   
    healing modalities to choose from beyond the basics.
~ enjoy a delicious variety of dosha balancing cleansing foods - including
   living foods to vitalize, oxygenate, alkalize and support detoxification.
~ have intestinal cleansing (basti) done on site -no stress, no mess.
~ receive continued guidance post-Panchakarma to 
   maximize and maintain the healing benefits gained through 
   your program. 
~ make a fresh start with the support needed to sustain 
   your health, immunity, and peace of mind.
~ benefit from Ivy's 30 years of providing Panchakarma, 
   guaranteeing you're in good hands!  

 Meet Veda Rosso

  Veda has been administering Panchakarma with Ivy for 10 years bringing a wealth of therapeutic massage skills to address specific conditions, a deeply intuitive knowledge of healing, and a beautiful lightness of being to every session.   With Veda's skill in tandem massage, clients often remark 'now I know why Indian Goddesses have four arms!" 

                         Panchakarma Programs For You

3, 5, 7 and 14 day programs are available.  The longer the program, the deeper the benefits.  
 We offer Panchakarma throughout the year with programs tailored to your individual needs. 
 Panchakarma is scheduled far enough in advance to comfortably ease into recommended dietary changes and any preparatory protocols. 
Ask about our one day 'sample' treants - a nice way to introduce yourself to the process.
~Confirm your preferred program dates by scheduling well ahead! 

To arrange your initial Panchakarma consult and start your healing journey now 
                        Call 505-466-7662  
                        Email:  ivyom@hotmail.comw
                                                                              My Best for Health,
                                                                                              Ivy Amar