Our Clients Are Saying...

     Having worked with Ivy Amar for several years doing Panchakarma,  I consider it one of the most beautiful and spiritual practices that I have given myself year after year.
     The first time I went I can remember being nervous but very quickly I realized I was in the hands of a consummate professional.  It was clear to me then and still is, that the Panchakarma treatments are profoundly relaxing, healing, health promoting, safe feeling and luxurious all at once.
    Having worked with many modalities and in both health and personal transformation,  I can feel that the work Ivy does with such skill goes to a deep level.  It also easily and seamlessly complements all of the other processes and healing modalities that I use. 
      Time expands while you’re on the table as Ivy tailors the treatment to what you need and where your body is now.
     After my first treatment, even with everything being new as Ivy paid exquisite attention to what I was experiencing -  and please excuse me if this sounds over the top -  I literally heard myself say “I feel holy and anointed”.  
     This is the level of care and skill that I experience every time I work with Ivy. I know that Ivy was one of the first westerners to be trained in Panchakarma in India, and her years of knowledge are evident in her hands, in the way her private room is set up to accommodate so many different aspects of the treatment in one lovely space, and even in the way she has adapted this treatment to include pampering kindness.
     I cannot say enough about what I receive each time and what I feel during these treatments. I absolutely know that this is a profound healing that I'm giving to myself, and that my body craves and loves it. I know that I am setting the stage for healing and health for years to come. As I'm currently 66 years old, it's really important to me to do everything I can to keep maintaining and promoting deep internal wholeness.
     With the deepest respect, I give my highest and unreserved appreciation to Ivy and to the way in which she treats me, my body, my  mind and my soul, all at once.
Wendy Yellen, Santa Fe NM

After 2 weeks of Pancha Karma I feel profoundly nourished on all levels.The 'Ivy Amar and Veda Rosso team 'are 2 highly trained caring professional therapists who are fully dedicated to this work.  Suffering from a combination of common ailments, like depletion, stress and exhaustion, it was transformative to experience the healing provided by the Ancient System of Ayurveda.
Thank you. Radiant Health is one of Santa Fe’s most hidden and best kept secrets. 
Stina, Santa Fe, NM

          Thank you and Veda for a fantastic week.  I was on a video conference with a client yesterday and she commented that I was 'glowing'.  Ah, yes, I am inside and out.  My family commented how well I look and that you had given me a special blessing - the  bindi! I wore it the rest of the evening and loved it...I certainly met my intention to 'reset'.  It feels wonderful as it ended up being a consciousness reset.   Pamela F., Business Consultant, Colorado

          Today I have an 80-90% improvement overall!  Played cello for an hour, twice!  I continue to tell folks, "Ivy is the real deal". When folks start signing up for PK, they'll see it's so much more than detox and balancing - it's about soul.     Suzanne B, DOM, Rochester, NY

          If you're looking for an opportunity to realign with your core inherent health using a time-tested therapy thousands of years old that totally honors the basic sanity, wisdom and simplicity of your body, Panchakarma administered by Ivy Amar and her assistant,Veda, are an excellent choice.  Ivy has devoted her life to bring the quintessential elements of Ayurvedic healing to the western world.  Jeremiah Weser, Santa Fe, NM

           I can't thank you enough for all the healing, wisdom, loving care and nurturing you have given me.  This has been an amazing experience on many levels and I look forward to coming back. 
 Malika Healey, Santa Fe, NM

  My   My 7-day Panchakarma treatment with Ivy was a turning point for me. I came to her physically and emotionally exhausted. Over the course of a week-long series of treatments I surrendered to her expert and nurturing care. The beautiful room, the meditative music, the intoxicating aromas of the essential oils, her healing hands and the hot steam treatment that followed a wonderful massage each day made for an unparalleled luxurious experience. There were moments on the table where I felt transported to ancient times and other dimensions of consciousness.  My body, mind and spirit began to deeply relax and heal. The effects were cumulative, profound and lasting. I had the inner strength and energy in the weeks that followed to pick up my life in new and creative ways. As far as I’m concerned, Ivy Amar offers the best healing experience in town.   Uma Markus, Santa Fe, NM  

           You've heard the expression "I found God!" Well . . . "I found Ivy!"  I had very little knowledge of Panchakarma when I signed up for a seven-day treatment with Ivy, and I was a bit apprehensive about certain aspects of it. Ivy laid my nervousness to rest the moment I met her. Her aptitude and ability to engage with her clients were obvious the very first day. She's gentle, reassuring, calm, knowledgeable, and so very caring. I looked forward to the daily treatments, each one being a little bit different than the rest, and I left in much better shape than I arrived. I felt happier, rejuvenated, and more informed on how to care for my body and soul.   Everyone should have the opportunity to experience what Ivy offers. I intend to again and again.   Sally Hancock Ruport, Colorado Springs, CO

The raindrop therapy treatment with Ivy was the most beautiful healing massage I have every experienced. The combination of Ivy's skill with the ancient art of Ayurvedic massage, specific aromas for deep cleansing and her very loving presence was profoundly healing. I felt a physical release going on for days afterwards. While I was on the table I wished that everyone I loved could experience this treatment!     
 Faye Fields, Newberg, OR 

           The Ayurvedic massage with Ivy was the best I have ever had in either India or the US. Ivy brought a beautiful, loving awareness and had a deep understanding of how her movements and her energy were affecting me on the table. That focused awareness of connectedness is deeply healing. The massage was combined with Raindrop Therapy - applying essential oils along the spine and sweeping them artfully into the skin. I was impacted for days and possibly weeks by this combination of healing treatments. I hope I am able to experience again Ivy’s hands on therapy and refined consciousness.     Juana Crampton, Newberg, OR

             When Ivy began the marma treatment, at first I was skeptical that it would have much effect. However, within a minute or two, my nervous system began to calm substantially, and as she continued, I entered a deep state of relaxation, with reduced thought activity. At the end of the treatment, there was very little thought and there was a clear vision of a small amrit kalash container. It was very peaceful.  Zoe

            The subtle Marma treatments touched me at the deepest levels of my being.  Ivy sang the chants with such tenderness and devotion that they continued to resonate and echo for days afterward. This is surely one of the most profound of the Panchakarma protocols!    Carole Tashel, Santa Fe, NM

             It is almost impossible to find words to describe the effects of the Bliss Rejuvenation treatment, other than to say that after only a few minutes I sank into profound relaxation, reminiscent of a deep state of meditation.  I only surfaced momentarily when Ivy gently told me to turn over, or when she placed steaming towels on my body and cool, fragrant compresses on my forehead. I have never experienced such loving attention, skillful bodywork, and heavenly fragrances all at once- all that in the magical sanctuary of her treatment room, with soft Goddess chants playing in the background.  Ivy's meticulous, skillful attention, and the loving, sacred, safe space  left me completely relaxed, rejuvenated, cleansed and healed. I can highly recommend Ivy's extraordinary skills to anyone wanting total relaxation, an escape from our stressful world to a realm of love, peace, and a profound healing experience.Ivy Amar is a supremely gifted healer, who has developed her modality into a rare and sublime art form.  Taj Ali, Santa Fe, NM

     Absolutely the best PK I’ve ever experienced!  Your sattvic nature and environment make all the difference in the world.  Bob Rose Cascade, CO

  Panchakarma with Ivy was heavenly.  I don’t use that word lightly.  I’ve received PK before, but never with this level of attentiveness, nurturing and care.  Each day I sank deeper into peace, joy and exhuberant bliss.  Meryl Runion Cascade, CO

    Always knocked out by your culinary expertise that is translating the incredible health realities of Ayurveda into such delicious food. My body was very happy. Janet Carter, Santa Fe, NM