Ayurvedic Services: 
Ayurvedic Consultation:  a fresh start towards optimum health.  Includes analysis of your natal constitution and current imbalances, pulse evaluation and individualized health-building program.  Includes folder of key information and delicious recipes to guide your path to health.
1.5 hours     $95              
Panchakarma Therapy:  a complete transformation for body-mind-spirit which purifies and rejuvenates, eliminating wastes from tissues, cells & organs using  5 (pancha) natural cleansing methods (karmas) which target specific zones and organs of the body.  3, 5, 7 or 14 day series.   3 hours   $265 per day
Bliss Rejuvenation:  most requested treatment is an ultimate melt down which includes warm herbal oil massage, anointing  with pure exotic oils and fragrant  herbal full body steam.  Leaves you in a vibration of the sacred.   2 hours   $115 with one therapist  $165 tandem massage

Shirodhara: bathing the forehead with a soothing, continuous stream of warm oil to calm the mind and nervous system.  Includes upper body and head massage.  1 hour   $95    Most effective when combined with Bliss Rejuvenation as add-on   $50

Transdermal Marma Point Therapy: marma points control the flow of Prana.  Marma Therapy relieves overall stagnation & re-charges the physical and subtle anatomy with Life Force.  Transdermal marma creams and sacred mantras empower the effect.   1 hour     $95
Nasya: nasal therapy begins with a thorough head, neck and facial oil massage.  Gentle heating of the face is given to increase circulation  followed by the inhalation of medicinal herbal drops  to clear sinus congestion, lubricate dry passages, and drain toxins from the head.
 1/2 hour     $50    Add-on to Bliss Rejuvenation     $45
*Netra Tarpan: bathing the eyes in herbal Triphala Ghee to relieve strain, reduce heat and nourish nervous system.  Includes upper body and head massage.     1 hour   $95    Add-on  $80
*Kati, Hrid, & Nabhi Basti: specialized treatments in which a dough dam encloses warm medicated oil on the low back/kidney, heart or umbilicus for a specific time to deeply nourish, relieve pain and blockage. 1 hour     $70
*these treatments may be recommended during Panchakarma or combined with Bliss Rejuvenation.

 Raindrop Therapy:  helps correct defects in the spinal curvatures and eliminates viruses lying dormant along spine. Integrates pure essential oils with VitaFlex Technique to enhance nervous system function. Includes full body herbal oil massage with emphasis on spine, & moist  heat compress to promote structural & electrical alignment.
1.5 hours    $125
The Work of Byron Katie:  an exercise of simply asking four questions and a turn-around which may reveal a radically altered perspective on any subject in your life that is stressful.  $75
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