Ayurvedic Services: 
Ayurvedic Consultation:  a fresh start towards optimum health.  Includes analysis of your natal constitution and current imbalances, pulse evaluation and individualized health-building program.   1.5 hours     $95              
Panchakarma Therapy:  a complete transformation for body-mind-spirit which purifies and rejuvenates, eliminating wastes from tissues, cells & organs using 5 (pancha) natural cleansing methods (karmas) which target specific zones and organs of the body.  3, 5, 7 or 14 day series.   3 hours   $265 per day
Bliss Rejuvenation:  most requested treatment is an ultimate melt down which includes warm herbal oil massage, anointing  with pure exotic oils and fragrant  herbal full body steam.  Leaves you in a vibration of the sacred.   2 hours   $115 with one therapist  $165 tandem massage

*Shirodhara: bathing the forehead with a soothing, continuous stream of warm oil to calm the mind and nervous system.   1 hour   $85    Most effective when combined with Bliss Rejuvenation as add-on   $50

Marma Therapy: marma points control the flow of Prana.  Marma Therapy relieves overall stagnation & re-charges the physical and subtle anatomy with Life Force.  Transdermal marma creams empower the effect.   1 hour     $95
*Nasya: nasal therapy includes a thorough head, neck and facial oil massage.  Medicinal herbal drops are inhaled to clear sinus congestion & lubricate dry passages.
 1/2 hour     $45     Add-on to Bliss Rejuvenation     $30
*Netra Tarpan: bathing the eyes in herbal Triphala Ghee to relieve strain, reduce heat and nourish nervous system.  Includes upper body and head massage.     1 hour       $70    Add-on  $50
*Kati, Hrid, & Nabhi Basti: specialized treatments in which a dough dam encloses warm medicated oil on the low back/kidney, heart or umbilicus for a specific time to deeply nourish, relieve pain and blockage. 1 hour     $70
*these treatments may be recommended during Panchakarma or combined with Bliss Rejuvenation.

 Raindrop Therapy:  helps correct defects in the spinal curvatures and eliminates viruses lying dormant along spine. Integrates pure essential oils with VitaFlex Technique, full body oil massage with emphasis on spine, & moist  heat  to promote structural & electrical alignment.
1.5 hours    $115
The Work of Byron Katie:  an exercise of simply asking four questions and a turn-around which may reveal a radically altered perspective on any subject in your life that is stressful.  $75
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