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The Arise and Shine Internal Detox Program!

Arise & Shine is much more than simply a colon cleanse. We begin by promoting the cleansing of the entire digestive tract: the small intestine and stomach as well as the colon. As the cleanse works its "magic," toxic accumulations are eliminated from the alimentary canal and then toxic overloads start releasing from the liver, kidneys and lymphatic system. This allows the entire body to detoxify and function more efficiently.  read more

VitalzymXe  Professional Strength Systemic Enzyme Supplement

     World Nutrition, Inc. manufactures a Professional Strength Vitalzym called VitalzymXe. VitalzymXe comes in a 180 count box with the liquid filled gel capsules conveniently packaged in blister packs. Each box contains 18 blister packs of 10 gel capsules.

     Besides their use as an anti-inflammatory, systemic enzymes are also recommended to help remove scar tissue and excess fibrin in the blood, modulate immune function, and fight viruses. Systemic enzyme therapy is believed by many to help sufferers of arthritis, fibromyalgia, arteriosclerosis, autoimmune disorders, traumatic injuries, fibroids, and other conditions.                             

Purchase: Now in stock from the office of Ivy Amar.

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          VitalzymXe has been reformulated as new VitalzymXe for professional use. It is nearly identical to new Vitalzym, but it is TWICE as strong, reducing dosage from 10 or more a day to 3.

          VitalzymXe is at the forefront of enzyme supplementation with the introduction of the liquid-filled gel capsule that provides 100% systemic availability. The key to the effectiveness of any systemic enzyme is the amount absorbed into the bloodstream. A properly enteric coated enzyme will bypass the stomach and release its enzymes for absorption in the bloodstream. The enzyme is absorbed in to the bloodstream from the small intestine.

          Enzymes are the Building Blocks of Life.  They are key to the body’s ability to properly digest and benefit from the food we eat, and they provide the energy we use to rebuild muscles, cells, nerves, tissue, bone, and glands. As such, these enzymes spark the chemical reactions responsible for breathing, digestion, growth, reproduction, and most other body functions.

          As we age, our body’s production of enzymes decreases. This reduction of enzyme levels may reduce the efficiency of our normal body functions.  Supplementation with systemic enzymes may help the body to more efficiently regulate its metabolism, thereby reducing the physiological effects of aging.  
For more information on systemic enzymes:    www.worldnutrition.info

available from Ivy

Fast-Acting and Proven Zeolite Formula for Renewal, Detox, & Vitalization

     Ambaya Gold's unique ORME Zeolite™ Formula energizes and renews while assisting in the removal of heavy metals and other toxins. It’s a powerful, yet safe formulation created to be much more than just a natural detox formula.
ORME Zeolite™ supplies essential minerals, amino acids, enzymes, and other key ingredients which combine with the Zeolite to create a one of a kind Zeolite formula. It fuels and renews the body while safely removing the toxins that may be inhibiting your overall systemic function and health.

Taking 1/2 tsp of ORME Zeolite™, 2-3 times per day provides many
                                       users the following benefits:

  • Deep Release & Cleanse of heavy metals, chemicals, and toxins
  • Helps eliminate further toxic accumulation
  • Dramatic increase in energy and vitality
  • Improved mental awareness and clarity
  • Anti-oxidant properties
  • Proper pH balance support
  • Replacement of essential minerals, elements, and amino acids

AMBAYA GOLD Essence of Life™
Renew and Revitalize Your Entire Body with the most Advanced Fulvic Formula on the Planet 
     Whatever your present overall health situation may be today, Essence of Life™ has the potential to help you reach the next level. If you feel run down, it can help to re-energize and re-align all your body systems. If you’re already enjoying good health, Essence of Life™ can help you experience even greater mental and physical reserve and stamina.
Essence of Life™ is designed to achieve balance and homeostasis in the body by restoring certain commonly deficient minerals, nutrients, and elements. Many of our clients report that in addition to feeling physically better, they consistently feel calm, centered, and focused.
     Essence of Life™ contains a proprietary blend of Super-Conductive Monatomic elements, Platinum Transition Group Metals, Himalayan Primordial Crystals, the finest primordial kelp, key B vitamins, with 131 micronutrients including ionic minerals and amino acids in a proprietary high-spin fulvic base.
     Most importantly, to maximize the absorption and conductivity of the formula, Essence of Life™ uses Ambaya Gold's proprietary ORME Energy Technology.

AMBAYA GOLD Pet Health Plus™  
New Life & Vitality for Cats, Dogs,

     Pet Health Plus is a unique Activated Humic blend - it safely and gently detoxifies while supplying essential nutrients, minerals, trace elements, and amino acids that may be missing from your pet's diet.
It’s a revitalizing tune-up for both young and old animals. They love it, and when you see the results, you will too.Benefits may include:
  • Restored youthful energy and vitality
  • Improved skin and coat health
  • Gentle and powerful Detox of Heavy Metals,
    Chemicals and other Toxins
  • Natural anti-inflammatory agents
  • Promotion of healthy muscles, bones, & joints
  • Healthier digestive function
  • Immune health support

NatureRich™ Products
Available from Ivy or online at www.ivyamar.naturerich.net

NatureRich Greens 

     NatureRich Greens is a power-packed dietary supplement that is formulated with including a unique blend of nature's most beneficial greens, minerals, herbs, vitamins, enzymes, sprouts, antioxidants, probiotics, sea trace minerals and fiber.

  • Ingredients grown in soils rich in trace minerals without the use of toxic chemicals
  • Ingredients are harvested at peak nutrient levels for maximum phytonutrient value
  • Low temperature processing maintains nutrient value, plus live enzyme and probiotic action
  • Healthy, effective, convenient and simple to use for today's busy lifestyle
  • Well-balanced blend of nutrients to supplement the daily die

NatureRich Greens helps supplement many areas of the body

  • Garden Blend, Greens, Sprouts - Vast array of nutritious garden and leafy green vegetables, organic grasses and sprouts
  • Enzymes - Plant-based enzymes - nature's spark of life
  • Antioxidants Cell protection from free radical damage
  • Herbs - Extraordinary blend of herbs including Chinese Traditionals
  • Sea Trace Minerals - Valuable trace minerals from nutrient rich sea plants, not commonly found in most products

Moisturizing Mineral Soap
Toxin, Chemical -Free
Gently clean and soothe dry skin, leaving it feeling fresh, clean and soft.

  • Enhanced with natural moisturizing oils derived purely from plants
  • Silky, not greasy formula
  • Concentrated, pH-balanced natural cleanser
  • Soft, natural pristine scent
  • Green color is derived from natural plant chlorophyll
  • Manufactured using our exclusive energizing process
  • Cleans entire body and hair