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50% off the last day of any length Panchakarma Program    
In the midst of the holiday season, overwhelm and stress can throw us off course.  Expanding outwards to meet others needs requires equal attention to yourself for sustained health.  Receiving Panchakarma is one of the finest ways to honor yourself as the true expression of the Divine that you are.

Say 'YES' to the sacred gift of self care for body, mind and spirit.

Now through December 31 schedule a 3 to 7 Day Panchakarma and get your last day at half price - a savings of $132.50.

ivyom@hotmail.comDaily 3 hour treatments include:
  • Tandem herbal oil massage (4 handed abhyanga)
  • Shiro Abhyanga (Deep head/neck massage)
  • Oiling of Ears (Karna Purana)
  • Nasal therapy (Nasya-nourishment and purification of sinuses)
  • Shirodhara (Continuous warm oil flow on forehead)
  • Whole body herbal steam
  • Basti (Gentle intestinal 

  •   PLUS
  • 1 Raindrop Therapy and 1 Transdermal Marma Point Therapy

  • CALL IVY AT 505-466-7662 
  • OR EMAIL  ivyom@hotmail.com

Kind Words:

       "Thank you and Veda for a fantastic week.  I was on video conference with a client yesterday and she commented that I was "glowing."  Ah, yes, I am inside and out.  When I arrived home on Sunday, my family commented how well I looked and that you had given me a special blessing-the bindi!  I wore it the rest of the evening and loved it.... I certainly met my intention to "reset."  It feels wonderful as it ended up being a consciousness reset."   Pamela F., Business Consultant, Santa Fe

"Today, I have an 80-90% improvement overall! Played Cello for an hour, Twice!   I continue to tell folks, "Ivy IS the real deal."When folks start signing up for PK they'll see it's so much more than detox; balancing etc. IT'S about soul.Love you & THANK YOU for your guidance! " 
                                      Suzanne., DOM, New England