Om Shree Dhanvantari
who brought the eternal science of life, Ayurveda, to humanity
Ayurveda for Radiant Health
Supporting body, mind and spirit in maintaining  greater levels of health and awareness
Providing traditional  Ayurvedic body-care therapies,
mind-body tools for transformation, and lifestyle education
Creating individualized  Panchakarma programs and services to meet your  needs.

Don't miss this extraordinary weekend!!

Music, Meditation & Nada Yoga Retreat
 Acharya Roop Verma

Internationally acclaimed sitarist,
composer and accomplished teacher of Indian Classical and Sacred music, Roop Verma's training comes from two of the greatest masters of our time, Maestros Ravi Shankar and Ali Akbar Khan.

Bathe in the stream of the Eternal Nada,
the spiritual vibrations of the Divine, source of all names,  forms and our very beings.
Allow your subtle energy centers to harmonize with the perfected tones of Creation, bringing deep peace and well-being.
This is the path of Nada Yoga, union through sound.

   November 14    Introduction to Sacred Sound  ~  Public welcome: 7 - 8:30 pm
$20 at the door

November 15 and 16   Retreat  9 am - 6 pm

  Immaculate Heart of Mary Retreat and Conference Center

50 Mount Carmel Road, Santa Fe, NM 87505

Registration Cost:
$195   (Includes Lunch Sat. & Sun.) 

ForRetreat Details and Registration
go to

 Questions or need help registering? Please contact Ivy Amar at:


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